Costa Girls’ Shorts: The Best for Summer and Winter 2018

Costa Girls, one of the world’s biggest fashion brands, is offering up a range of women’s shorts for summer and winter 2018.

┬áThe Costa brand is partnering with the popular online shopping website Quay Women’s to offer these shorts, which come in sizes ranging from 12-16 in a wide variety of shades, from blue to white.

Costa Girls said the shorts were designed to be “the perfect summer or winter style.”

They are available for pre-order on Quay

Costa is also offering a limited edition men’s Costa Girls shorts for $25 on February 25.

Costas new men’s shorts will be available on February 22.

Costalas women’s collection, which launched in 2018, includes some of the brand’s most sought after styles such as the men’s black pants, the men-inspired tee, the shorts, and the women’s bikini.

The brand also released a men’s beachwear collection called Costa Men, featuring the brands signature swimwear, including the men and women’s Bikinis and sandals.

Costanas women have recently launched a new collection called Men’s Beachwear, which includes men’s swimwear and beachwear accessories.