‘They’ll never know it was me’: John Lennon sunglasses recalled in ‘The Man Who Sold the World’

John Lennon’s first and only pair of sunglasses were his famous yellow and white ones.

In an interview published on The Daily Telegraph on Sunday, the legendary singer, songwriter and musician is remembered as the man who sold the world to the Nazis and was imprisoned for life in what would become the infamous concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen.

But while the pair of lenses have become synonymous with his music and life, the pair that were in use by his wife Yoko Ono were a little different.

“I had a pair of John Lennon glasses,” Ono, who died in 1995, said in an interview with The Sunday Times.

“It was a little bit of a surprise, really, to find out I had them.”

The pair were first used in the film The Man Who Sells the World, in which Lennon and his wife were shown playing the piano in the camp and later singing songs from the film’s soundtrack.

But they also made an appearance in the music video for John Lennon and Yoko’s hit single, We Shall Overcome.

“He loved them, loved them so much, he gave them to his wife,” Onodoro told the paper.

“They’re his glasses, they were the only thing he wore.

He said they had a big impact.”

They were later auctioned off by the John Lennon Estate in 2013.

But not everyone was on board with the pair.

One former inmate said they were “a bit creepy”.

“They were like the kind of thing they would put on in prison,” he said.

“But I guess that’s why they’re such a hit.”