When Costco’s ‘Summer’ sunglasses went on sale, they were the hottest new thing on the market

Costco was quick to defend the sunglasses they were selling in stores across the U.S. on Wednesday, claiming that the sunglasses had become the hottest fashion trend in the country.

The company’s new Summer Series sunglasses were made of lightweight plastic and came in two styles: the “classic” look and the “Suncloud” look.

The latter, according to the company, is meant to reflect the sun’s reflection in sunglasses and create an image that reflects the mood of the wearer.

Costco said it was the “newest product to ever grace a retail store,” and the sunglasses were selling like hot cakes in the stores, with the brand even posting a photo on Twitter with the hashtag #SummerSun.

“The Summer Series Suncloud sunglasses are the hottest trend in our stores,” said a statement from the company.

“Their lightweight and water-resistant design is sure to turn heads.

We’ve been seeing a huge demand for the Suncloud brand since we launched it.

We hope you’ll wear them with pride.”

Costco is not the first retailer to respond to the trend.

Last year, JCPenney announced the new summer collection, with sunglasses priced at $99.

The brand also launched a new line of sunglasses in the summer, including the “Classic” look, which was priced at an extra $100.