Why do some people have to pay to listen to radio?

RTE 2,898 subscribers 3,737 views The RTE show, which features guests like Neil Cavuto and the Queen, will be available exclusively on Apple Music and Spotify starting Monday, July 31. 

“The show is based on the concept of listening, listening to what people are saying and then having a conversation with them,” the show’s lead presenter, Alan Kelly, said in a statement.

“We try to make the show as accessible as possible to people, whether it’s the type of conversation that’s best for you, or the type that’s not.”

The show, hosted by the showbiz news show Culture & Entertainment, is set to take viewers behind the scenes of a top radio station, from the recording studios to the offices of the station’s head of programming. 

In the show, Kelly talks to people who have been a part of the radio industry for years, from people in their twenties, to people in the prime of their career, and asks them what they like about it and why. 

The programme will be a mix of interviews with people who work on radio stations, and with radio listeners.

It is not the first time Radio 4 has shown the side of the industry.

In January, Radio 4 launched the first-ever podcast show, The Last Word. 

Cameron Broughton, co-host of the programme, is a producer for the Radio 4 show The World Today. 

He is also a producer and co-founder of the Radio Free Europe. 

Kelly told Radio 4 that listeners can watch the show on the App, but he will not be adding new podcasts.

“The idea is that we will do what the show does and then we will continue to offer our listeners the chance to subscribe to the show at the same time as we are doing that,” Kelly said.

Kelly said he will be putting the show up on iTunes, but it will not appear on the app.

“That will be my focus going forward,” he said. 

With a digital audience of more than 1.2 billion people, Radio4 has been known for a “radio renaissance”.