‘The New Yorker’ author says she was harassed for her political beliefs

WASHINGTON — “The New York Times,” the prestigious newspaper of record for a city with a long tradition of progressive journalism, has a new star.

“The Nation” author Zaid Jilani announced on Twitter on Thursday that she was joining the paper’s editorial board.

The magazine has been the home for such progressive voices as journalist Jeremy Scahill and author and activist Naomi Klein.

Jilana also tweeted a link to her new article titled “The Times should take on the New York police.”

It was a response to a piece titled, “The NYPD is not racist,” published in “The Atlantic.”

In the piece, Jilanin wrote that she believes the NYPD has been “under siege from conservatives and leftists for years, and they’ve been especially hard on minorities.”

“It is not a matter of opinion that the NYPD is racist,” Jilane continued.

“It’s a matter that police departments and the NYPD themselves are being attacked, attacked with all the hate and prejudice that goes with that.”

Jilanes piece was met with an immediate backlash on Twitter, with some saying she was a racist.

Jillane was quick to respond.

“I don’t believe it.

It’s not a story,” she tweeted.

“This is an article by a journalist with whom I have a great deal of respect and admiration, and I am proud to have contributed.”

Jillanes piece has sparked outrage among liberals and conservatives, who said it was a blatant attempt to smear the city’s police force.

The Atlantic article was also denounced as racist by conservative commentator John Derbyshire.

“You don’t need a liberal newspaper to write about the NYPD,” Derbysham said on Twitter.

“Its obvious that you’re just trying to smear them and make them look bad.”

Jillyani, a professor of political science at Harvard, has also received criticism.

“Jillanes article is a disgrace,” tweeted journalist Andrew Sullivan.

“Her goal is to demonize the police and use them as a pawn in a political game.

It is also a gross insult to the Black community and a blatant example of the New Yorker’s white supremacist bias.”

She was quick in responding to Derbyshares criticisms.

“A very good example of what I call a ‘white supremacist attack on the American people,'” she tweeted in response.

“She has a lot of people on Twitter accusing her of racism.

If you want a ‘racist’ article, you should look elsewhere.

She is a journalist who does great reporting and has always been open to diverse voices.”

Jils’ tweet drew praise from conservatives, including conservative columnist Laura Ingraham, who called her a “genuine hero.”

“She’s got a point,” Ingraham tweeted.

But others questioned whether Jilania was right about the police.

“That is a real problem, because it is absolutely ridiculous that people would say that the police are racist and this is a problem that needs to be addressed,” Slate’s Jamelle Bouie said on Fox News.

“We need more people like Zaid in the media.”