Kate Spade sunglasses are in short supply

A short-term supply of Kate Spades sunglasses is on the verge of being shut down after a factory was hit by a fire, forcing it to shut down its entire production line.

Kate Spaders had been supplying the Australian market with a range of sunglasses since the 1970s, but the fire on Monday killed five people and injured seven others.

It is not known exactly how the fire began, but Kate Spader said in a statement that the company had “been working tirelessly to ensure that our products are available in a safe and sustainable way”.

“We are extremely saddened to hear of the loss of life and we extend our deepest sympathies to all those affected,” it said.

Kate Spade said the fire was due to an electrical malfunction, and had not affected its production.

“Our manufacturing processes are always subject to changes, but we are working to restore full operations in the affected factory,” it added.

A spokesman for the company said there had been a “technical issue” at the factory, and the affected parts would be replaced by new parts.