What is bad bunny?

Bad bunny sunglasses.

Gucci aviators sunglasses.

Black flys glasses.

I think this is my favorite pair of sunglasses, the Aviators.

It’s pretty much like a black ski mask, but instead of the ski mask the sunglasses have an awesome red and green color scheme.

I don’t have any aviator glasses and have never worn them.

But I do have some bad bunny glasses, which I think are great.

The bad bunny look is really cool.

I can’t tell if I’m wearing them on my face or on my head, but I can tell it looks good.

I like the color and the pattern, but my face is probably still too tired.

I have to wear them all the time to stay alert, which is probably the reason why I wear them to the gym.

They’re super cute and have the best fit, and I love the shape of them.

I love wearing them.

The Aviator sunglasses are pretty pricey, and the bad bunny one is also pretty expensive, but they’re great!

I don’t know if I’ll wear them every day, but the aviator and bad bunny pairs are really cute.

They look like they’re made out of a little black bunny and a little green bunny.

I definitely recommend wearing these pairs to the office.

They make a great pair of glasses.