GoodR: YouTuber shows off the latest Vipers sunglasses

YouTubers and influencers alike have been sharing their best and most iconic eyewear from the premium brand.

The company is also known for the quality materials and their eye protection.

In this article, we’re taking a look at the best eyewears that you can purchase with GoodR sunglasses.

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Best sunglasses for the price:The GoodR Vipers are a brand known for their quality sunglasses.

They’re made with a soft, flexible material, and are made of a light weight polymer, which makes them feel great in the hand.

They also have a water resistant coating, which helps to protect the eye and also helps to keep them comfortable.

The price of these sunglasses is affordable and their lenses are well designed, making them comfortable for even the most daring of adventurers.

Best glasses for travel:GoodR has a wide range of travel eyewares that they sell through their website.

They have two main types of eyewashes: the Vipers, which are made for use in outdoor conditions, and the Podium, which is used for casual use and in situations where visibility is limited.

The Podium is also available in a range of colors and styles.

The Vipers have a comfortable fit, are light in weight, and offer a comfortable look for those who want to take the plunge into the outdoors.

Best lenses for outdoor use:These sunglasses are popular for outdoor wear, with the Viper lenses being especially popular for this purpose.

The lenses are made from a thin polymer, and they have a waterproof coating.

The coating helps to make the lenses a bit easier to take off in the rain and to protect against water.

The waterproof lenses are also made with an optical glass, which allows for a clear, unbroken image when using the Poulas.

The optical glass also helps reduce the glare of the sunglasses when it comes to a sunny day.

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Best eyewas for outdoor trips:Goodr has a range that includes the Vippi sunglasses and the EZ glasses, which they also sell through the GoodR website.

The EZ sunglasses have an optical lens that helps to prevent glare when wearing them.

These lenses are a bit more expensive, but they’re more comfortable to wear than the Vips and Vipers.

The quality of the lenses is also excellent, which make them great for those looking for the most comfortable look.

Read MoreBest eyeglasses for outdoor travel:The Podium sunglasses are made with lightweight polycarbonate lenses that are made to be worn with gloves and are available in three different colors.

They are a great choice for those that prefer a lighter look while hiking or in the mountains.

The Poula glasses are available with an extra-light weight, waterproof, optical glass.

They can be worn for long periods of time and provide a more comfortable look, making it a great option for those with shorter fingers.Read Less