Honda: Tom Ford says his ‘cool’ glasses will come in 2019

TOM FORD: I don’t think you need glasses in 2019, as long as you’re wearing sunglasses and not wearing a hat, as I do.

I think that’s a pretty cool thing to do.

You should wear sunglasses and wear a hat.

The fact that I have my sunglasses in 2019 will make the world smile and make people want to buy them.

So that’s cool.

It will definitely make my customers smile and it will make people smile more when they see them.

I don’ think people need glasses now because they are not used to wearing glasses.

TOM FORE: What do you think about the price of sunglasses in the current market?

TOM FORED: I think it’s great because the price is so low.

The reason why I’m buying the brand is because it’s very expensive and that’s the reason why people don’t need glasses, because they’re not used or they’re too expensive.

The brand has to be priced to be affordable.

TOM PATRICK: Can you talk about the future of Tom Ford sunglasses?

TOM PATRIK: The future is pretty exciting because the company is growing really fast and I think we’ll see a lot of innovation and new products in the future.

TOM FIELD: I’m really excited about Tom Ford.

I’m not only a Tom Ford fan, I’m also a Tom Field fan.

TOM FERDMAN: The brand is the biggest one in the world.

TOM FOLEY: I was not born in the brand, I was born in Italy and I am the youngest member of the team, but I was in my early teens when I came to Tom Ford, so it was my first experience in the Tom Ford brand.

TOM FARDMANS: You’ve got some amazing stuff to talk about.

TOM BERNSTEIN: It’s great.

TOM GIULIANI: Tom was really nice to us and he was very understanding and nice and he always said, ‘Look, you can talk to my wife, she’s my best friend, she loves you, I love you.

I’ll always be happy to talk to you.’

TOM FOLLOWS: It was very easy to say yes.

TOM DIETER: TOM FELDMANS and I were very lucky to be working with Tom Ford for 20 years and now it’s a great time to be a part of the company.

TOM FAITH: We have a great relationship.

TOM BRUNNER: Tom ford is one of my idols.

TOM FRANK: Tom has been a great friend and a great partner for many years.

TOM MCCLUNG: I know that Tom is a great guy and I’m very impressed with him.

TOM KELLY: We love Tom Ford and Tom Ford is one the biggest brands in the universe.

TOM LEVINSON: I always like Tom Ford because they have the best sunglasses.

TOM HENRYSON: We are going to have a lot more TOM FORES in 2019.

TOM PETERSEN: I’ve been wearing Tom Ford glasses for a long time and Tom was always very nice to me and very understanding.

TOM GRANT: The company is really growing really quickly and it’s exciting to be part of that growth.

TOM FRIEDMANS, TOM FEDMAN: I love Tom for the brand and I want to work for Tom Ford in 2019 because I love TOM FORDS sunglasses.