Macy’s sunglasses: Cheap but still stylish, not cheap enough

Macy’s is known for selling inexpensive sunglasses, but it’s the company’s latest effort to boost sales that’s got the public really excited.

The new sunglasses are made by a company called Square, which specializes in sunglasses that offer a “shady ray” effect and don’t get a price tag.

Square sunglasses offer a different look, more natural texture, and are not available in the Macy’s size.

They are priced at $29.99 each.

It’s unclear how many people are buying them, but the brand has been in a long-term relationship with Macy’s.

In addition to the new sunglasses, Macy’s has launched a line of new “shadypay” sunglasses for women.

The brand is using a technique called “cinematic shading” to make the sunglasses look like they’re falling down, but not get a lot of glare.

Cinematic shaded glasses are available at Macy’s online store.

“Cinema” glasses have a more traditional look, but they’re not as dark as the “shader” glasses.

The new glasses are not for women, and the brand is calling them “macy’s new trend sunglasses.”

The brand also announced a new line of sunglasses that are “shaded” in the same way.

It’s not clear whether the brand will release these new shades in the near future.

Macy’s has been struggling with sales and profitability since the company was sold to Wal-Mart in 2012.

It recently started selling more eyewear at department stores and Macy’s website has been reduced in size.