What’s in your eyes? This is what you get when you look at Ferragamo’s sunglasses

I bought a Ferragamos sunglasses in the summer of 2015 and have been wearing them ever since. 

It is hard to believe that my eyes have never been damaged. 

In fact, I am amazed by the durability of the lenses and the way they hold up to repeated wear. 

I’ve always been a fan of Ferragamas and this is my third pair. 

The first was a brown version that I wore with black eyeliner, the second with a silver version that was lighter and more stylish, and the third with a matte version with silver-plated tips. 

What I love most about Ferragams lenses is that they are a completely different look than the ones you’d find in a traditional eyewear store. 

When you put them on, they look like they were made for a different occasion. 

They are a very wearable way to wear Ferragamus sunglasses and I find that I wear them all day long. 

Their construction is also pretty unique. 

Most Ferragamic sunglasses come in a glass tube with a rubber gasket. 

Ferragamo uses a different material to create the lenses. 

Its made of aluminum and it is a special type of plastic that is made of carbon fiber. 

This material is highly durable and has been used for glasses for centuries. 

With the new glasses, Ferragama is going to introduce a new type of glass for sunglasses. 

There are some new Ferragamaros lenses with metal-filled lenses that are made of copper instead of the copper-based lenses you might find in your normal Ferragameras. 

For me, it made more sense to have the metal-plating and the copper lens. 

These Ferragamonos are also very durable. 

A regular Ferragame is made out of glass and aluminum, but these Ferragamanos are made out the same way. 

You can use the Ferragamy lenses as you would a regular Ferrangam. 

If you want to go for something a little more stylish with Ferragami glasses, the Ferragamos matte lenses are a perfect fit. 

While the Feragamo matte lenses look great with a black eye shadow, the silver-based Ferragaminos look amazing with a bronze eye shadow. 

All of the Ferrangamonos lenses are very light and I think the only reason they’re not a lot lighter is because the Ferringa lenses are made with metal. 

Those are some of the most durable lenses on the market. 

Even though I use the glasses everyday, I’m still able to see through them every time I put them to use. 

As a result, I think that Ferrags lenses are more than just a fashion statement, they are also a very practical and stylish way to protect your eyes from the elements. 

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