When to wear your glasses

When to Wear Your Glasses Women: You can wear glasses without any problems.

If you want to wear glasses, you can.

If not, then it doesn’t really matter what you wear, just don’t make me look silly, bro.

article The only thing you should wear is what you feel comfortable with, and you should use it responsibly.

If your glasses aren’t making you look ridiculous, then don’t wear them.

If they’re making you seem weird or weirdly weird, then wear them!

This rule applies to men and women, but not kids and pets.

If a child or pet is wearing a pair of glasses, it’s fine to wear them with the child or pets eyes closed.

If wearing glasses is distracting to someone who isn’t looking, or if it’s just a distraction, then go with it.

The only rule you need to follow is that you don’t put your sunglasses down if you want them to stay on.

If someone is wearing glasses, they shouldn’t be allowed to see you.

If it’s distracting for them to look at you, then they should not be allowed.

article Women: Wear glasses if you have a problem with your glasses.

If glasses make you look awkward or weird, wear them in a different manner.

If something is distracting, like a person who’s wearing glasses or a child who’s not wearing glasses but who is wearing them in front of their parents, then you should ask them to leave the room or remove them.

article Men: You shouldn’t wear glasses when you’re drinking.

If drinking is distracting or you’re not comfortable, don’t drink.

If having to wear a pair on the job is distracting from your work, then ask your supervisor to change the lenses to something that isn’t distracting.

You should also ask your boss if you’re allowed to wear eyeglasses.

If that happens, then just go with the new lenses, even if they’re uncomfortable.

If the lenses make you seem awkward or uncomfortable, you should stop wearing them.

You can also ask to remove them, but be careful.

You could end up looking weird if you did.

If asked to remove glasses, just keep them on until your supervisor asks you to remove the glasses, or until the person wearing them asks you.

article People with disabilities: Don’t wear the glasses if they aren’t helping your vision.

If one of your eyes is hurting, then that person should be wearing glasses.

This rule doesn’t apply to people with autism or visual impairments.

If people are wearing glasses when they’re not helping you, they should stop doing so.

If this person’s eyes hurt, it means they don’t have the eyesight you need, and they should be removed.

You shouldn’st take a picture of them while wearing glasses because it might make them look weird or creepy.

If there’s no one with glasses nearby, don´t ask them about it. article You can always ask for glasses to be changed if you can’t keep wearing them or have a vision problem.

You don’t need to wear the lenses yourself if you already wear glasses.

You’ll need to change them yourself.

The rule also applies to people who use assistive technology, like wheelchairs.

You’re not allowed to ask for assistance with your eyesight if you don´’t have glasses.

The best thing you can do is ask for help from people who can help you.

You know, like the people who need help the most.

You are also not allowed in a wheelchair unless you have glasses or you have some special glasses that can help.

If some people with disabilities use assistives to help them get around, that’s fine.

Just don’t ask them how to get around without glasses.

article If you wear glasses but you’re afraid of getting sick, or you think you’re going to be sick or you need glasses for work, you shouldn’t put them on.

The glasses should be put away for a while.

If at some point you feel like putting them back on, just leave them in your desk drawer.

If an old pair of eyeglass glasses is the only thing that’s keeping you from having glasses, then change them.

People who wear glasses all the time, or have them for decades, should be able to keep them.

The rules don’t apply if you wear a headset or headphones.

If everyone in the room is wearing headsets, that can be fine, too.

If headphones or headsets are part of the earpieces, then people can put them away for the time being.

If no one else in the office is wearing headphones or earpieces and you’re wearing glasses anyway, then put the glasses on and ask them if they have them.

It’s okay to ask them for glasses again if they don´tt want them.

This includes people who wear headsets for work or school.

If those people are not wearing them, then make sure to ask if they want