Running shoes to keep in your wardrobe

The latest edition of Running Shoes for Men features new running shoes from Dior, which include the new Running Shoes For Women.

The running shoes, which are available now, are inspired by traditional running shoes worn by women during the 1800s and early 1900s.

The brand said the new running shoe collection will continue to evolve as it continues to grow in popularity.

“The Running Shoes series was created in partnership with Dior and the Running Institute for the 21st Century to highlight the importance of running for our society,” said Paul Laidlaw, Vice President of Marketing for Dior.

“These shoes are inspired and built on the foundations of modern running.

We want to celebrate the importance and history of running and the women who made it a viable career option.”

For a full list of all the Dior Running Shoes in the collection, visit the Diors website.

Dior also released a new running jacket, a hoodie, and new running shorts for men and women.

The new running pants, hoodies, and socks are made of durable cotton and feature a mesh-lined waistband and knee-high mesh material on the legs.

The shorts feature a stretch mesh material along the legs and ankle and are available in a wide range of styles.

The Running Shoes are available online now for $299.