Which is better: a pair of sunglasses or a mask?

Posted September 24, 2018 11:08:38When it comes to what to wear under a mask, it can be tricky, especially for those with allergies.

However, some people like to opt for the right-side up option.

In a new study, researchers found that people who have the right side up face mask are more likely to have a better quality of life, a better work environment and lower rates of social anxiety.

Researchers from the University of Melbourne, University of Adelaide and University of Southern Queensland analysed data from a national survey of people who said they were wearing face masks, asking them to report the type of mask they had worn on the day of the survey.

They found that those who had a mask on the right had lower rates, including social anxiety, loneliness, fatigue and depression.

Dr Jennifer Higginson, from the university’s department of social and behaviour science, said it was important to recognise that people can wear both face masks and masks.

“They could also have a mask that covers their eyes, and this would provide additional protection,” she said.

“But there are two ways to wear a mask: either you are covered with the mask, or you’re wearing a mask with the face mask covering your eyes.”

In the study, the participants were asked to identify the type and type of face mask they used on the morning of the interview.

The results showed that people with a mask had a better overall quality of their work, social and personal relationships, and lower levels of social anxieties.

“Our findings suggest that mask wearing can provide a sense of control over anxiety,” Dr Higgison said.

She said that in the face-mask scenario, people are able to be more comfortable in a mask and have more confidence in their work and social lives.

Researchers also found that a mask is more likely if it was worn for at least one minute and was worn by a person of lower social status.

Dr Higgion said people should consider whether the mask is worn for more than one minute, as it might interfere with sleep.

“If people are sleeping in the mask for more minutes, it might make it difficult to fall asleep, which is important for people with sleep disorders,” she added.