Man in wheelchair has no place to put his head when it comes to driving

Posted November 14, 2018 08:56:10 A man with a wheelchair who was forced to park outside a hotel and then spend hours in a parking lot has been told to return to his home in Winnipeg.

Staff at the Royal Winnipeg Hotel said the man was being driven to his apartment by a woman who was not the hotel’s owner.

Staff said he told her he was going to a movie and then left the hotel without him.

They said he didn’t want to take the elevator.

The man had to spend an hour waiting in the parking lot, with staff telling him to come back when the elevator doors opened.

Staff members told him they would be calling a hotel security officer and calling back if he returned.

A staff member said they had been advised to make sure the man’s head was not visible.

The hotel says it has made an apology to the man and has started an investigation.

The woman who had been driving the man said she has no idea who drove him and didn’t know what kind of car the man had.

The RCMP is also investigating.

Staff say they will contact him.