Why is Kobe Bryant wearing an oversized sunglasses?

Kobe Bryant, the greatest athlete in NBA history, is sporting an oversized pair of glasses that make him look like an emo rapper.

As we’ve seen before, Kobe is the latest in a long line of athletes to take to the fashion and look alike world, most recently when he teamed up with Nike in 2016 for the Kobe Bryant Signature Series.

He’s also the latest to embrace the fashion trend, which has become so popular that Kobe’s signature pair of sunglasses is now available for purchase online.

As it turns out, these oversized sunglasses are not for the faint of heart.

According to a study by the fashion marketing company Zappos, only 8% of men and 3% of women who own a pair of oversized sunglasses consider them to be an attractive pair of eyeshadow.

However, if you’re Kobe Bryant and want to keep up with the fashion trends, you’ll have to get your Kobe on.

According to Zappo, the majority of people who own oversized sunglasses do so for aesthetic reasons, not to keep them looking fashionable.

However it’s a trend that seems to be gaining steam these days, and Kobe is no exception.

The Lakers star has been wearing these glasses for quite some time now, and they’re probably one of the most popular pieces of eyewear out there.

As for the size of the sunglasses themselves, Zappocs says that the average person wearing these will be wearing them about 12.5 inches long, which is roughly the width of a normal human ear.

While it’s definitely not going to fit every man’s head, these glasses might be just the right size for someone with a medium-sized head.