Costa, L.P. on new Costa sunglasses: ‘Costa will do everything in its power to make sure you can enjoy the benefits’

Costa, which has a long history of making sunglasses, has announced plans to launch two new brands in its stores.

Costa, a small but rapidly growing cosmetics company, is set to introduce a new brand of sunglasses for women that it says will have more durability and a longer lasting life than the brand’s current offerings.

Costas sunglasses are made from a proprietary material that is also used in prescription sunglasses.

The company is using its existing expertise in the manufacturing of prescription glasses to create a new line of sunglasses that it claims will last longer than those made by competitors.

Costamare is launching the new brand, called L’Oreal, in Costa stores.

Its first two shades are called La Vie, which means ‘beauty’ in Italian and “L’Oreille,” which means “light.”

Costa has previously launched a line of prescription sunglasses called “La Vie” in Costa, a smaller but growing cosmetics business.

The new sunglasses are expected to be available in Costa’s store in March.

Costarra, a specialty jewelry chain, is also set to launch its own line of products in Costa in April.

Costare and L’Oréal have already teamed up with two different brands to bring back sunglasses to Costa stores, which they claim will help make the products more affordable.

Costorare, a cosmetics company that is based in Italy, has made the Costa store a hub for selling its sunglasses.

L’oréal, a Paris-based cosmetics company with a small presence in Costa has also launched its own store, and has already begun selling the new L’oreal sunglasses.