Costa, John Lennon,and John Lennon sunglasses saved lives

The sunglasses of John Lennon and Paul McCartney were among those donated to the homeless after their deaths.

They were the result of a $1 million partnership between the pair’s charitable foundation and a company called L&M.

The sunglasses were donated by John Lennon’s longtime friend and business partner, John Lennons son, John Lennons, who is the founder of the L&M company.

Lennon’s sunglasses were made by a company named L&M.

Lennon and Lennon’s son were friends who became business partners.

Lennon had recently died and Lennon was a close friend to Lennons, the foundation said in a statement.

The pair’s donated sunglasses were purchased from L&AM.

The foundation said it plans to donate them to a local homeless shelter, which will distribute them to the needy.

It said the sunglasses will be distributed to a number of other homeless people in the San Fernando Valley, including in San Fernando Hills, where Lennon’s body was found.

The L&AMS sunglasses were created by L&OM, the nonprofit that owns the sunglasses and L&am.

The company has a strong presence in San Francisco, where L& AM is based, and the sunglasses are also sold by the LAM company, the statement said.