How to get your squirtle glasses, glasses with the biggest eye holes

The latest version of the squirtles glasses feature the same basic design as the older models but feature an eye-catching, laser-like lens that helps it to provide a more clear view of the eyes.

A new model, which can be bought at the Google Store for $150, is being introduced at Google I/O 2017.

Google has a history of developing glasses with more eye-popping designs, including the $1,200 EyeLens, which was designed to help people with visual impairments look sharper in videos.

More recently, the company unveiled its $300 pair of glasses that have a laser lens to help you look sharper even in low-light environments.

The new $100 Squirtle lenses are being developed to help make sure that the glasses can see in the dark, but also in daylight.

We’ve got an app on the go that can let you check out the different versions of the lenses for you, so you can decide which one works best for you and your eyes.