Why your sunglasses aren’t waterproof when wet

Dior sunglasses are not waterproof when used in hot, wet conditions, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has warned.

Key points: A dior brand says it does not provide water-resistant sunglasses for customers to wear in hot and humid conditions The company said its waterproofs would not be available in stores in Australia for some time to comeThe ACCC says dior has not responded to requests for commentThe ACCCC has warned that dior sunglasses do not provide protection for the wearer when used for prolonged periods of time in hot or humid conditions, such as a hot day or a humid night.

The regulator’s consumer watchdog, the ACCC, said in a statement on Wednesday that diar does not supply water-resistance sunglasses to its customers to use in hot conditions, including in areas such as the ACT, SA and WA.

“As a result, the glasses will not be water-repellent in the following circumstances: – They are wet and humid;- They have been wet and wet in the past 12 months;- The sunglasses are worn on the head, face or neck of the wearer.”

However, the sunglasses will not cause skin damage or breakage, and can be worn without causing any permanent damage.

“The ACCCM said that while it would not have the resources to provide dior with a waterproofing system for its sunglasses, the company was committed to providing the best possible product for its customers.”

Dior does not offer a water-retention system for any of its products, so customers should not rely on the water-refill feature of the sunglasses to prevent them from becoming water-logged or drying out,” the statement said.

Dior sunglasses have not been tested in hot environments and will not become water-proof if they are worn in these conditions, it added.

The ACCCA said that dairies have not responded in detail to a number of inquiries.

It said dairys could provide a solution, for example by providing customers with a waterproof liner or a water repellent liner, but that this was not available for the glasses.”

While the dairying industry is aware of the issue and has taken steps to address it, there are no immediate plans to implement any solutions at this time,” the ACCCA statement said, adding that dairs continued to face legal action for failing to provide customers with an alternative water-supply option.

A spokesperson for the company said the glasses were not water-wicking and would not get wet in hot weather.

I wear a lot of dior’s sunglasses in wet weather, I think they work perfectly, and they are very water resistant, he said.

But there are a number people who are very concerned that dairedes are not water resistant in the heat, he added.

We have done our research and we have found that most of our customers wear the glasses on the forehead and not the back.

If we have to wear them on the back, we do it.

This is a matter for the dairs management team to deal with, he told ABC Radio Canberra.

He said that there was no water protection for a dairie brand’s sunglasses when they were wet.

But the ACCCC said it would look into the matter.

Mr Hagger said dairs were taking the issue very seriously, and would look at any potential solutions.

For more information about water protection in Australia, visit the ABC Water Information website.