How to wear sunglasses for work

Bex sunglasses have been around since the mid-1990s, but now they’re popular enough to make up almost half of all eyewear sales.

It’s not just for the workaholic.

The best sunglasses will fit the whole head, not just the ears.

And since you don’t want to have to put the glasses on if you have a headache, you might want to wear them to work, too.

Bex sunglasses have become a hit, but are they worth the investment?

Bex has developed the first set of sunglasses that look like they were made for the job.

In the past, the lenses are either clear or a tinted version of a color, which meant you had to wear a mask to wear the glasses.

But the company has now introduced a wide range of bex lenses that are translucent and have a unique look, including clear and clear-blue versions.

These glasses look a little different, but the company says the glasses are worth the price of admission if you like the look of a clear lens.

“You can really make a statement with your look with bex,” Bex founder and CEO Tom Beal told NBC News.

“It really does change the perception that you are the boss and you can wear it and not feel like you’re a boss.”

The glasses can be purchased from Amazon and Walmart, and they’ll work with the following brands: Apple, BenQ, Budweiser, Chanel, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, and Louis Vuitton.

You can also find them on

The company said the glasses can fit the entire head, so you can look like a full-face mask, too, although they don’t have to be made specifically for that.

Bex also said the lenses look great when they’re paired with other Bex glasses that have a more unique look.

BEx glasses are also available at most drugstores, and are often on sale for as little as $20.

They’re also available online, so be sure to check the retailer to see if you can get them.

If you don-t want to buy the glasses, you can buy a pair of bev lenses at Amazon for around $30.

What you should know about bex glasses: The company says you can choose from three different colors of beveled lenses: clear, clear-white, and clear blue.

Bex recommends the bev glass for a better view and also looks better in daylight.

You should also consider adding a bevel to the lenses for added contrast and a more reflective look. 

If you’re worried about the look, Bex recommends that you wear the bevel lenses with an eyeglass cap.

It doesn’t have a “bezel” for the lens to attach to, so the lenses can slide over your glasses.

Beaex says the bezels are easy to remove and replace, and it’s made from anodized aluminum.

And, if you’re going to be wearing them at work, be sure not to wear your mask.

You’ll need to take your mask off, then remove the bevelled lenses and bevelling the lenses.

You can also purchase a Bex Masking System for your work or personal use, which costs $60.

It comes with a set of six bevel-shaped lenses, which can be used with Bex’s Bex Glasses, Bev lenses, and Bex Eyewear, and includes a mask that attaches to the beved lenses.

You get a discount on Bex masks when you buy two.