The best new sunglasses for 2017

The new 2017 edition of the Versace range of sunglasses is here and it has a new look and feel.

The brand has redesigned the Versaces iconic iconic logo, with new and innovative elements.

They have also reworked the design of the sunglasses, making them lighter and more modern.

These include: a new lens, redesigned back plate, and new lenses on the lens base.

Versace has also updated the look of the entire range.

The new Versace sunglasses are available in a range of shades, and have a new eye-catching design with the new and sleek logo on the back.

Versac sunglasses have also got a new design and materials.

They are made of premium material, and come with a range that includes the new Versac sunglasses and a range from the latest Versace eyewear.

Versacs new logo is made from an all-new material, with the brand’s new signature design on the logo.

This is a bold new design for the brand, which has been one of the top selling eyewears of the past year.

Versacy has also added a new face guard.

The company has also made a change in the design and material of the lenses.

These lenses are now made of a high-density polymer.

Versites new design is also made of polyester.

The brand has also taken inspiration from the modern design of sunglasses, with a new, minimalist look.

Versitac sunglasses are now available in sizes ranging from 30mm to 50mm, and can be purchased from retailers including Walmart, Kohl’s, Nordstrom and Target.

This new version of the range is also available at Target.