‘Squirtle’ glasses: The glasses giant may be the next big thing

Big-screen Squirtle, the company behind the Squirtly sunglasses and the Squirters eyeglasses brand, may be heading for the big screen, according to a new report.

Squirtles glasses have become a hit among fashion and technology aficionados and the company has recently been acquired by the French clothing retailer, Yves Saint Laurent.

The company is reportedly eyeing a partnership with Warner Bros. to bring the Squirrel glasses to the big-screen.

“They have been in the pipeline for quite some time, and have been working with Warner to produce and distribute Squirtlets,” Michael Wooten, president of Squirtlez, told CNBC.

The new venture will be led by John Anderton, a former CEO of Squirle, according a source familiar with the company’s plans.

Anderson, who joined the company as president in 2016, will be the new CEO of the company, which is now in its second year.

The brand is expected to release its first glasses this summer.

According to the New York Post, Squirtls glasses have received widespread praise for their sharp designs and stylish look, with many people flocking to Squirtlers glasses to capture selfies.

The new partnership with a major company is being viewed as a huge step for the company and a positive sign for Squirtlé.

As part of the deal, the new Squirtley glasses will be packaged in an array of different colors, with Squirtlee said to be looking to launch the glasses in markets around the world.

Squirltes glasses will have to compete with Squirler glasses, which have also received positive reviews for their sleek designs.

A source familiar said that the brand has also begun exploring partnerships with other brands.

Squirtles brand has a strong relationship with the fashion industry and has seen strong growth in sales in the last few years.

This article originally appeared at Business Insider.