‘Game of Thrones’ fans are getting some big discounts, too

A new app has launched in China, aimed at gamers who want to save on their game-rental fees.

The app is called Game of Thrones VR and offers the option to pay a one-time fee to use the game for an hour or a full day.

It also offers free access to premium features such as virtual reality chat rooms, in-game items, and a virtual reality game.

It’s the latest in a string of mobile games that have appeared in the country since it became the second-largest market for virtual reality in 2016, according to the App Annie app analytics platform.

The first of these apps, Free VR, debuted in the Chinese market in 2016 and was available in the mainland for free for six months.

It was then discontinued in October after its developer was sued by several gaming brands.

The developer is also facing lawsuits from consumers.

A second app, Game of Throne VR, also launched in 2018, but was removed from the mainland market due to a copyright infringement case.

While both apps were popular in the China market, Game Of Thrones VR had fewer than 100,000 downloads on its first day on the market, and it was later discontinued.

The company says it will offer an app for all devices in the future.

The new app offers the same basic features as the Free VR app, with an option to set a payment schedule for one hour or up to 30 days.

The company also offers a new virtual reality experience called The King’s Dream VR, which has a free version for one month, and will have premium features.