How to stop your dog’s cat calls

The cat and the cat-cat connection have been a big part of the Krewe brand for years, but this year marks the first time the brand has used the cat as a promotional image.

“The cat is our main product and that’s what we want people to look at.

That’s the cat we want to make sure they see,” said co-founder Kari Krewe.

“We want people that are going to the park, or walking their dog, to know that it’s safe to come in and see their dog and that it has cat-like behaviour.”

The cat-themed logo is inspired by the iconic catwalk design from the 1990s and the Krewes have also created a new cat-related product.

“There are some cats that you can buy, but there are only so many places to put them,” said Krewe, who said cats have also been a significant part of her life.

“I’ve lived in a city that cat people don’t exist and I’ve seen a lot of people that come and go from the catwalk.”

The company is planning to expand the cat theme in the future.

“They’re not just a cat brand, they’re an animal brand,” said Kari.

“So there are going a lot more cat products coming out this year.”

Krewe said she and co-founders Kari and Justin have been in the cat business for a while.

“Kari and I have been making cat products since the mid-2000s and we’re really excited to see this new phase,” she said.

“When you put all those years of experience together, you see what we’ve learned and what we’re going to continue to learn.”

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