How to buy beautiful, vintage sunglasses for your sweetheart

Hello everyone!

My name is Kate and I am a photographer and designer based in London.

I love to design beautiful and vintage eyewear.

I am also the creator of the gorgeous, stylish, and stylish, Gucci sunglasses collection.

I have worked on many projects for Gucci, including the brand’s latest eyewears, which I created with my husband, designer and designer friend, Alexander Cappuccio.

The Gucci Eyewear Collection is a collection of beautiful, timeless eyewares for men, women, and children.

 I have always been inspired by the timeless beauty of Gucci’s famous eye shades.

The Gucci Collection is the culmination of my love of fashion and the craftsmanship of the brand.

With each pair of Guccis I create, I create a more beautiful and timeless piece of eyewash.

My passion for design and design, my love for eyewashes, and my love to fashion, are all connected and are why I create this unique and unique Gucci collection.

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