Chanel sunglasses get a little bit more expensive

Chanel are offering more than 50 shades of the new sunglasses to their online shop, but they are also offering the sunglasses for a discount.

Chanel’s website says the shades are available for just $29.95 each.

That’s $14 less than the regular price of $39.99.

Chanels new sunglasses come in a wide range of colours and models, including the new Viva.

The Chanel Viva features a sleek, lightweight, and comfortable look, and comes in a range of different styles, including a full-face helmet, hoodie, and boots.

Chanelled in a variety of colours, the sunglasses also come in several different shades and styles for those who want to experiment.

Chanellens website says it will be available starting on Friday, March 7, at select retail outlets worldwide.

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