U.S. approves new rules for men’s sunglasses

The United States has approved a regulation that will require men’s eyewear to have at least one lens to make the wearer look like a natural-born citizen, a change that was the result of a partnership between the National Science Foundation and the Glass Institute, a nonprofit research organization.The regulations […]

Balenciagas new sunglasses at night

Balen├žiaga has launched a new line of sunglasses at Night on the Avenue, a daytime fashion show in London.The brand has released a new collection of sunglasses for the event, which will take place from July 25th until the end of September.┬áThe new Balencomigas collection features a variety of new […]

How to get a cartier sunglasses deal

The last thing you want to do when you’re in the checkout line at a major American outlet is walk out without seeing your favorite pair of sunglasses.But you’re not alone.The average American has between five and six pairs of glasses on their face, according to a survey by research […]

How to Use Iron Man Suntans for Your Sunglasses

It was a cool day, and I was just walking down the beach.I had a pair of sunglasses on.My wife was on her phone, texting her friends and relatives.“Are you okay?” she asked me.“Yes,” I said.I took the sunglasses off and looked at them.“Do you need any help?”I asked her.“No,” […]