The best sunglasses on the market

With the arrival of the new season of the hit Netflix series “House of Cards,” sunglasses are back in fashion, at least for some people.But how well are these eyewear-inspired accessories actually working?According to a survey conducted by research firm iSpot, most consumers have a positive experience with their sunglasses, […]

When the Dolce Gabbana Glasses Are Not Yours

When I first heard about Dolce Gaboras sunglasses, I was immediately struck by the sheer beauty of the designs. The designs are so timeless and iconic that it took me some time to truly appreciate them. I could almost picture the owner smiling as he opened the box. “I’m so proud to have […]

When the weather stops, we start wearing sunglasses

When the temperatures drop, our heads start to sweat.We start wearing our sunglasses to keep our heads cool.We also try to avoid wearing our glasses when driving to the office because we are concerned that we could be driving through fog.But now the weather is returning to normal, and there […]