How to get rid of ashtrays

New Delhi: A day after India unveiled a new ban on disposable ashtray products, it seems the government is planning a similar move for glass products, with a ban on use in indoor spaces for at least the next two years.The ban on glass products comes as the government aims […]

When to wear your glasses

When to Wear Your Glasses Women: You can wear glasses without any problems.If you want to wear glasses, you can.If not, then it doesn’t really matter what you wear, just don’t make me look silly, bro.article The only thing you should wear is what you feel comfortable with, and you […]

How to keep your kid safe in a scary new world

Kids have never had to worry about their safety in a world that’s grown more dangerous.It’s an incredible opportunity to keep our kids safe, but parents must be prepared for the changes that will come, says Barbara Hensley, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics.Here are the key things to […]