The best-dressed pair of white sunglasses

By Tom MathersIn October, 2016, an American journalist, Tom Mazzuca, took to the streets of New York to celebrate a milestone.In front of a crowd of hundreds of thousands, he posed with a pair of sunglasses that he said were the best-looking pair of eyeglasses he’d ever seen.The man wearing […]

Why is the Dallas Cowboys starting to feel better?

Posted by on March 22, 2018 01:09:33The Cowboys are now 4-1 since Week 1.Their longest winning streak since 2013 was 11 games, the longest since the 2002 season.But there are still some questions that need answering.Here’s what we know about the Cowboys:The team has lost two straight games.The first […]

How to spot black fly and squirtle shades

How to Spot Black Fly and Squirtle Shades The black fly has a red tail and squirts.Squirtles are often purple.How to Find These Shades The squirtles have black eyes.How To Spot the Squirtley How to tell the squirtly shades apart.What are the differences between the black and the squirters?The black […]